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SYNLawn Jacksonville provides artificial turf installation for lawns, putting greens, pet turf & commercial applications.

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How Do I Start My Artificial Grass Project

Check out these easy to follow steps from SYNLawn Jacksonville, and the journey to your perfect artificial grass lawn in Jacksonville, FL will begin. You’ll also get a free quote!

Get artificial turf for your home or commercial business in Jacksonville, Florida

When it comes to leading providers of artificial grass for residential and commercial applications, SYNLawn Jacksonville is the best around. We have years of experience in designing and installing artificial turf for everything from residential lawns, commercial landscaping, dog tracks, putting greens, playgrounds, and much more. 

There are many options when it comes to artificial grass. It doesn’t matter what application you need – our professionals work with you to create the perfect plan for your home or business. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


Commercial businesses need to make a good first impression with their lawns. SYNLawn Jacksonville has helped countless businesses turn their lawn area from mediocre to amazing. The key to our high quality artificial grass is that we are in charge of the manufacturing from start to finish.  Everything we sell goes through a rigorous testing process to make sure it’s of the best quality. Artificial grass technology has advanced so far that it’s difficult to tell artificial from real grass, and we are happy to say that is the case with our artificial grass solutions. Our synthetic grass is friendly to the environment, durable, safe and looks great.

Artificial Pet Turf

Pets are family, so you want them to have the gentlest turf available. Natural grass heats up and can hurt paws, but artificial turf stays cool. It’s super durable; allowing it to  withstand digging and it always looks amazing. 

Our turf drains fluids fast and keeps odors at bay. Heavy rains are no match for our turf, so don’t worry about muddy paws or fleas and other pests attaching themselves to your dog. Contact us today to learn more.

image of small boy and dog playing on synlawn synthetic turf
image of small dog on synlawn Jacksonville artificial grass for pets
image of Pet friendly artificial grass for your furry friends available at SYNLawn Jacksonville

Artificial Turf for Residences

Are you tired of spending hours mowing and tending to your lawn? Wouldn’t you rather have those hours back to do things you want to do? Artificial grass lawns are low maintenance. And once installed, there’s no mowing, no chemicals, and no watering. It’s everything you could want in a lawn without all the hassle. People choose artificial grass from SYNLawn Jacksonville because it makes their life easier and it looks great. 

Install your own Artificial Grass

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer in Jacksonville, FL, then we can help you out. We’ll provide you with everything you need to have a perfect lawn, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have during the installation process. You install your own artificial turf, but have the support of our professionals all along the way.

The benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Saves you money

There’s no watering or chemicals needed to maintain artificial grass. You don’t need to mow it or get into expensive contracts with lawn maintenance companies. Watch your neighbors mow their lawns while you sit back and enjoy the lush green of your synthetic grass lawn without labor intensive days.

Environmentally Friendly

Chemicals like fertilizer and pesticides leach into the ground and impact the environment. Water is a valuable resource that is wasted on natural grass. Gas powered machines like mowers and trimmers create air pollution. Synthetic grass is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t need any of that upkeep.

Green and lush no matter the season

There are times of the year when it’s difficult to maintain a natural grass lawn and it looks dull with brown spots. Synthetic grass is always lush and green no matter the weather. It could be a scorching heat with drought or rain-filled week and it always looks amazing.

SYNLawn Jacksonville is your choice

You Know Us

We’ve provided North Florida residents with synthetic grass for many years. We know the area and everyone knows us for our high quality products and customer service.

Warranty for life

Since we control the manufacturing from beginning to end, we know our product is of the highest quality and therefore we can offer a lifetime warranty to our clients

More than 200,000 Installations

Our skill in artificial grass installation is unparalleled in the industry. No matter what kind of project you want, we have the professionals and experience to make it a reality.

What do people use artificial grass for?

Are you a business like a pet daycare center or hotel that has green space, but are tired of the maintenance costs. We have several types of artificial grass that meet your needs. Say goodbye to expensive lawn contracts and exorbitant water bills when you choose commercial artificial grass by SYNLawn Jacksonville.

Ever dreamed of having your own putting green in your backyard? SYNLawn Jacksonville is ready to make your dream a reality. It doesn’t matter if it is a putting green for your backyard, indoor putting green, or an entire mini golf course. We have the experts to help you develop it from start to finish. The greens drain water fast, so you can putt away soon after rainstorms.

When a business installs synthetic putting greens, they need to last. SYNLawn Jacksonville’s commercial putting greens are guaranteed to last for years no matter what aggressive putters or Mother Nature throws at it.

You’ll love never having to mow the green or have them chemically treated. Artificial grass ends up saving you money because it doesn’t need extensive maintenance. Businesses all over North Florida trust us to provide their professional grade artificial putting greens and tee lines.

Pets are hard on traditional sod lawns. They love to dig and go to the bathroom in the same spot, which can cause dreadful brown spots. Artificial pet grass eliminates all these issues and more. It doesn’t matter if you have an energetic Husky or a lazy bulldog – our fake pet grass withstands their digging and waste with no problem, with odor control and quick drain features. Our pet grass doesn’t heat up so it will not burn their little paws. It’s also resistant to pests like fleas and ticks.

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