Artificial Grass for parks
in Jacksonville, FL

Artificial grass from SYNLawn Jacksonville is becoming a popular surfacing option for parks in Jacksonville, FL. While many people are using it in their yards, we offer specialty artificial turf products for a variety of applications, including for homes, businesses, park landscaping, and playgrounds. By equipping our synthetic grass to your park, you gain beautifully green surfaces that require little maintenance and withstand several forms of wear and tear, including changing weather. These reasons and more make our artificial grass for parks an exceptional alternative to traditional grass.

Why Should Parks in Jacksonville, Florida Install Artificial Grass?

For parks in Jacksonville, here are some of the numerous benefits of installing artificial grass from us at SYNLawn Jacksonville:

Artificial Turf Is Low-Maintenance

Parks are typically large areas of land that have plenty of soft grass. While the grass might look nice, a lot of time-consuming and costly maintenance must go into keeping it looking the way it does. Some of this upkeep includes the following:

  • Grass mowing
  • Pesticide treatments, which are typically unhealthy for humans and animals
  • Fertilizing
  • Watering
  • And more!

If parks in Jacksonville, FL switch to artificial grass landscaping from SYNLawn Jacksonville, this decision can help eliminate the above upkeep duties. This can help save a community or municipality time and money in the long run, freeing up community resources for other projects and endeavors. 

bocce court at RV park

The Grass Will Always Look Beautiful

Conventional grass can be an unpredictable surfacing material. When it dies, traditional grass turns an ugly brown or yellow color and has a dry, scratchy feel. This can be off-putting, especially in a park where people go to enjoy the grass and surrounding nature. 

Installing artificial grass in a park can eliminate the unwanted look and feel of dead grass. This is because our synthetic turf is made from artificial materials that cannot die and are unlikely to break down from wear and tear factors like foot traffic and inclement weather. From this, our artificial grass will always look lush and green, no matter the weather or season, providing park goers with an inviting look that encourages them to enjoy the outdoor setting.

Artificial Playground Turf is Safer For Everyone

Growing traditional grass requires chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides to help keep it healthy. Some of these chemicals can be toxic to humans and pets. However, artificial grass requires no additives to keep it healthy. So it is safer for people and pets to play around.

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial playground turf takes safety another step forward. It is also low-maintenance, consistently green, and durable, but it is equipped with an extra layer of padding. This layer helps provide our synthetic playground grass with the ability to help cushion a variety of impacts, including running or walking feet as well as falls. In doing so, our playground turf is great at helping to prevent potentially serious injuries. So consider installing it to help make your park playground in Jacksonville, Florida, safer than ever!

Playfround Artificial Grass Installation

Beneficial for Pets

Artificial pet grass is also available from our team at SYNLawn Jacksonville. This highly durable and easy-to-clean turf provides a surface that can stand up to the wear and tear dogs and other pets often cause. Yet, it still remains soft and inviting for them to play or relax on. So if your park is open to dogs, consider equipping it with our artificial pet turf for dog parks!

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Artificial Grass for Parks!

Artificial grass for parks from SYNLawn Jacksonville can significantly benefit communities in Jacksonville, Florida. This is due to the low-maintenance care requirements, durability, comfort, and beauty of our many artificial turf products, including our landscaping grass, playground turf, and pet grass. So to help improve public spaces at your park in Jacksonville, contact us at SYNLawn Jacksonville today! Our team can help design and install our synthetic grass to address the unique needs of your park and park goers.