Artificial Grass
in Neptune Beach, Florida

For artificial grass supply and installation in Neptune Beach, Florida, trust the experts at SYNLawn Jacksonville for industry-leading synthetic turf and professional installation. Our team offers homes and businesses in this coastal community multiple styles and specialized types of our evergreen artificial turf products. With them, you can instantly maximize your curb appeal and own a surface that provides you benefits – rather than responsibilities. Find out more about what our synthetic grass can do for you and your property today! 

Beautiful Neptune Beach, FL & The Need for Synthetic Surfaces 

Like many of its surrounding communities, Neptune Beach, FL is a quiet coastal community sandwiched between Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach, FL. This beachside town provides home and business owners with proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which can create beautiful ocean views for a number of properties. 

Yet, like Jacksonville and other Florida communities, Neptune Beach has an issue with its landscape surfaces. Many properties in Neptune Beach rely on traditional grass for lawns, landscapes, putting greens, and more. Sadly, these surfaces can easily be affected by the coastal weather as well as other factors, which can make them a blemish in an otherwise picture-perfect community. 

SYNLawn Jacksonville FL commercial artificial grass for office buildings campus courtyards

Fortunately, at SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial grass products can remedy this situation and provide properties in Neptune Beach, Florida with evergreen surfaces that help complement the town’s beauty.

Benefits of Our Artificial Grass in Neptune Beach, Florida

Commercial artificial grass courtyard

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our incredible artificial turf offers property owners and uses numerous benefits, including: 

  • Evergreen grass surfaces
  • Consistently lush, green grass
  • Little to no maintenance requirements
  • Better water conservation 
  • No need for mowing or trimming
  • Weather-resistance
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Non-toxic surfacing
  • Sustainable surfacing 

With benefits like these, it makes sense why homes, businesses, and more in Northern Florida are making the switch to our synthetic grass!

Artificial Turf for Nearly Every Application

Although traditional grass may not be beneficial for an abundance of applications, the artificial turf products from us at SYNLawn Jacksonville are ideal for a variety of uses and applications, especially in Neptune Beach, Florida. Some of the most popular applications for our synthetic grass products in the area include the following:

Artificial grass backyard with a pool

Front & Backyard Lawns

Homes in Neptune Beach, FL can own attractive, low-maintenance lawns by switching to our residential artificial grass. This turf is perfect for front or backyard lawns and is able to provide stunning greenery to your property for years to come.

SYNLawn Jacksonville FL roof rooftop artificial turf play maze

Commercial Artificial Grass 

In Neptune Beach, Florida, businesses rely on beautiful, durable surfaces for their curb appeal. Fortunately, our commercial artificial grass can provide these factors and more! By adding it to your commercial property, you can have a lawn or landscape that holds up well to heavy foot traffic and helps reduce groundskeeping costs, saving you money over time.

SYNLawn Jacksonville FL pets artificial grass safe for dogs cats and all animals

Dog & Pet Turf 

Dogs and pets are known for wanting to spend as much time outside as possible. Thankfully, you can help make that happen by providing them with a space that is all their own by utilizing our artificial dog and pet turf. This highly specialized turf product is soft, durable, and easy to clean, making it a perfect companion for your companion.

SYNLawn Jacksonville FL residential frontyard golf putting greens

Verdant Golf Greens

Florida communities are home to golf lovers of all ages and skill levels. To help provide better surfaces for golf, our team offers artificial putting green installation. Our verdant synthetic golf grass provides an ideal surface for the sport that is low-maintenance and highly durable. As such, it can help create striking golf installations for homes, businesses, and more in Neptune Beach, FL.

SYNLawn Jacksonville FL play turf artificial grass for school playgrounds

Playground Surfacing

Playgrounds are a favorite for children and even parents who may want their child to use up some energy. At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial playground turf helps make these essential spaces safer than ever. This is because our synthetic playground turf is equipped with an extra layer of padding to help provide a safer surface for children to play on.

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At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our team of artificial turf experts provides various artificial grass services to property owners in Neptune Beach, Florida. With our line of evergreen synthetic turf products, we can help improve a variety of spaces, making them more consistently attractive and durable while reducing maintenance needs.

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