Artificial Grass for General Contractors in
Jacksonville, Florida

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, we are a premier supplier of American-made artificial grass and synthetic turf products for general contractors in Jacksonville, Florida.
Our high-quality artificial turf is an ideal choice for numerous commercial and residential applications, including landscaping, playground, pet parks, and more. When working with general contractors, our team provides them with unrivaled support, such as architectural tools and our limited lifetime warranty. A pairing between Jacksonville contractors and SYNLawn Jacksonville supplies homes and businesses in our area with the high-quality artificial grass they need.
Rooftop playground built by SYNLawn

Why Work with SYNLawn Jacksonville?

The team from SYNLawn Jacksonville are artificial turf experts. By working with us, general contractors in the area gain access to our expertise, superior turf products, and support. However, those are not the only benefits of working with us. General contractors who choose SYNLawn Jacksonville receive the following advantages:
backyard residential lawn

Architectural Support

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, we provide general contractors with architectural support to help bring artificial grass dreams to life. Simply provide us with a few details on your project, and we will send you one of our architectural kits that are equipped with some samples of our superior synthetic turf as well as further information about them. However, that’s not all! We can also provide contractors with digital design files of our artificial grass products through CADdetails. This can allow you to digitally realize how our turf products can incorporate into your designs and plans. If you need more support than our architect kit and CADdetails files, you also set up a lunch and learn with our team where we can share further details on our artificial turf products and how they can benefit your projects!
residential backyard synthetic grass

American-Made Synthetic Turf

The artificial grass and synthetic turf products from SYNLawn Jacksonville are all high-quality and made in The United States. Unlike lesser turf products, our artificial grass is ultra-realistic in touch and feel. As a result, it can help transform indoor and outdoor spaces, making them greener and more inviting. However, looks are not the only strength of our synthetic turf. It is also incredibly durable, which helps it hold up against foot traffic, wear and tear, and Florida weather. Whether for a residential or commercial project, our artificial turf provides consistent, year-round beauty.
commercial lawn in front of museum with artificial grass

Limited Lifetime Warranty 

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, we believe in the artificial grass products we sell. As a result, we offer our customers, including general contractors, a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers our synthetic turf in cases concerning UV deterioration, backing integrity, and turf bind. Contact us today to learn about our limited lifetime warranty and its coverage.
Artificial grass lawn installed by SYNLawn

Superior Customer Support

Superior customer support is one of the most essential services we provide general contractors in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team never abandons you. We are with you throughout the process, from consultation to ordering and installation. By providing you with the support you need, you can offer your customers the service they desire. Together, general contractors and SYNLawn Jacksonville can change the landscape and help fulfill the artificial turf needs in Jacksonville, FL.

Applications of Artificial Grass for Contractors

Artificial grass for general contractors can take a variety of forms, depending on the needs of their clients. Thankfully, at SYNLawn Jacksonville, we sell numerous specialized synthetic turf products to help suit various needs.

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Artificial grass for general contractors from SYNLawn Jacksonville is an exceptional, American-made surfacing material that is ideal for various residential and commercial applications in Jacksonville, FL. Our high-quality synthetic turf products are ultra-realistic, stunning to admire, durable, and low maintenance. However, our products are not the only reason to work with us. We provide general contractors in Jacksonville with architectural support, a limited lifetime warranty, and stellar customer service.

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