St. Augustine, FL
Artificial Grass Sales & installation

St. Augustine, FL is a historic oceanside city that brings in tourists from all over the world, but now home and business owners are bringing their own flair to the area with artificial grass. The palm trees are beautiful, the ocean is expansive, and SYNLawn Jacksonville synthetic grass brings it all together with a touch of pristine greenery.

It’s not easy to care for natural lawns in St. Augustine, but you no longer have to when you install artificial grass. With no need for mowing or watering, you can free up both time and money to hit the waves on your surfboard or visit the golf course for a day on the green.

What Sets SYNLawn Jacksonville Apart

SYNLawn Jacksonville has years of experience installing premium artificial grass and turf products for homes and businesses around Florida. Humid summers and rainy weather wreak havoc on traditional lawns, but those worries no longer exist when installing grass from SYNLawn. Residents in St. Augustine are turning heads with their newly installed artificial grass. You’ll commonly find our synthetic turf products in these locations:
  • Residential landscaping (both for front and backyards)
  • Mini golf courses and entertainment venues
  • Sports fields and training facilities
  • Dog parks, dog boarding, and doggy daycares
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Restaurants for patios and rooftops
  • Public and private playgrounds
Our artificial grass is friendly to the environment, durable, and absolutely flawless. In addition, the versatility of our products allows for complete customization, and you will appreciate all of the low-maintenance characteristics.
image of SYNLawn artificial grass with running track and field
Artificial grass putting green

Putting & Golf Greens

There is no shortage of golf courses in Florida and the St. Augustine area, but what about bringing a piece of the green home to your backyard or business?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or pro – our custom golf grass helps you improve your skill from the comfort of your home. It’s also great for businesses such as hotels, apartment communities, or other companies that could benefit from putting greens.

Whether you want a personal backyard putting green or a mini golf course installed at your campground or business, SYNLawn Jacksonville has the best designers and customer service in the industry to get the job done.

Pet & Dog Turf

Pet parents are abundant in St. Augustine, and they want what’s best for their furry companions. However, many worry about their dog’s safety on natural grass because the hot Florida sun can be brutal, heating the grass, and causing potential burns on fragile paws. Furthermore, fleas, bugs, and pests that harm your pets can infiltrate grass. Unfortunately, rain also causes issues with the pooling of water in the yard and tracking in mud from playful paws.

Thankfully SYNLawn provides plenty of options to combat these pet parent problems. Our advanced technology ensures our artificial dog turf stays cool in the summer, so you don’t have to fret about burnt paws. Our grass has incredible water drainage rates so that water won’t gather on the turf after a storm. Our eco-friendly, safe pet turf is one of the main reasons St. Augustine homeowners love SYNLawn Jacksonville.

Commercial Artificial Grass

SYNLawn Jacksonville has a plethora of grass options for commercial businesses. We provide artificial turf for hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms, sports courts, and more.

If you need to jazz up a rooftop or transform your resort’s mini golf course, we can do that, too. Commercial artificial grass is an ideal solution for your business needs in St. Augustine, FL.

artificial grass residential patio
Drone shot artificial grass backyard from SYNLawn

Playground Surfaces

For private and public playgrounds in St. Augustine, FL, SYNLawn has the best options for any type of playground. We have ASTM-tested synthetic turf, which is great for kids with sensitivities because it doesn’t irritate the skin. It also has excellent draining properties for rain or spilled liquids.

Our artificial playground turf is built with components such as a safe fall pad, eco-friendly plant-based materials, and an antimicrobial infill. The SYNLawn playground system delivers comfort and optimal safety criteria for heavy traffic areas, and our system meets or exceeds all safety standards.

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