Artificial Turf
in Jacksonville, FL

SYNLawn Jacksonville is a proud supplier and installer of artificial turf in Northern Florida, including in our hometown of Jacksonville, FL. 

Our evergreen artificial grass products provide homes, businesses, and other properties in the area with natural-looking lawns that are consistently appealing, easy to care for, and immensely durable. These factors and more make our synthetic turf ideal for numerous applications across our beautiful, green city: Jacksonville, Florida.

Artificial grass backyard with a pool
Private residential putting green

Applications for Artificial Grass in Jacksonville, Florida

The verdant artificial grass and synthetic turf products from SYNLawn Jacksonville are available for sale and installation for numerous applications in Jacksonville, FL, including: 

Commercial artificial grass courtyard

No matter the situation or placement, our natural-looking artificial grass products can blend in with the greenery in Jacksonville, FL and provide homes and businesses with a soft, inviting surface to admire and enjoy!

Benefits of Owninig Synthetic Turf

Owning synthetic turf from SYNLawn Jacksonville can provide home and business owners in Jacksonville, FL with multiple benefits, including:

Artificial grass putting green

Evergreen Lawn 

With artificial grass from SYNLawn Jacksonville, your residential or commercial property can have an evergreen lawn that not only blends in with the natural greenery here in Florida but also stays consistently lush and full all year round. This can help improve a home or business’ curb appeal and impress customers, guests, neighbors, loved ones, and more!

Mother and child playing with dog on artificial grass

Lower Upkeep

When compared to natural grass and other forms of landscaping, synthetic turf requires much lower upkeep. Typically, natural grass needs to be irrigated, mowed, chemically treated, and even de-weeded often to look its best. This can take up plenty of time and money for home and business owners in Jacksonville, FL. Fortunately, artificial turf does not require any of these lawn maintenance activities, making it a time-saving and cost-effective investment for nearly any property.

Weather-Resistance & Durability 

Lawns in Jacksonville, Florida can be subjected to a number of potentially destructive elements, such as foot traffic and even the local weather. Thankfully, our high-quality artificial turf is built to last! At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our clients can have greater assurance that our synthetic grass will stand up to persistent sunshine, torrential rainfall, and other forms of wear and tear like lawn games and foot traffic. As a result, our artificial grass looks better and ultimately lasts longer.

SYNLawn Jacksonville FL commercial artificial grass for office buildings campus courtyards
SYNLawn Jacksonville FL play turf artificial grass for school playgrounds

And Beyond!

Benefits like an evergreen appearance, lower upkeep, and immense durability are just the start of the many benefits our synthetic turf has to offer! Further benefits of owning our natural-looking artificial grass include:

  • Recyclable turf 
  • Environmentally-friendly landscaping
  • Not producing grass allergens
  • Less likely to attract bugs, rodents, & other pests
  • Water conservation
  • And so much more!

Why Work With SYNLawn Jacksonville?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us at SYNLawn Jacksonville for your next artificial grass or synthetic turf project. Our high-quality SYNLawn turf products are made in the United States of America and provide homes and businesses with lasting appeal and comfort. However, at SYNLawn Jacksonville, we offer far more than just quality products at competitive prices. We also possess the experience to match our clients with artificial turf that suits their needs and the expertise to ensure that it is installed correctly. These factors make us a leading supplier and installer of artificial grass in Northern Florida, including in our hometown: Jacksonville, FL.

Commercial Artificial Grass Installations

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Artificial grass from SYNLawn Jacksonville is an evergreen surfacing material for various residential and commercial purposes in Jacksonville, Florida. Aside from providing consistent, green beauty, our quality synthetic turf is weather-resistant, immensely durable, and easy to maintain. As a result, our artificial turf is ideal for several applications in Jacksonville, FL, including landscaping, lawns, putting greens, and so much more. 

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