Landscape and Residential Golf Turf
Jacksonville, FL

If you’re considering artificial grass or landscaping turf in Jacksonville, FL, then the only choice is SYNLawn Jacksonville. We’re the leader in providing the highest quality synthetic grass for all residential applications. North Florida residents trust us for their synthetic lawn and landscaping turf needs. It’s time to make the switch to an artificial grass lawn.

Landscaping for Residences

– SYNLawn Is the Right Choice for Your Lawn

How many hours a week or month do you put into maintaining and improving your lawn? Do you spend hours in the Jacksonville, Florida sun weeding, trimming, and mowing your lawn? Perhaps you pay a lawn maintenance company to take care of it for you. Either way, that’s time and money you could be saving with an artificial lawn from SYNLawn Jacksonville.

With SYNLawn Jacksonville you get a lush green lawn with nearly zero upkeep. There’s no mowing or watering. You sit back and relax while your neighbors sweat in the sun. Artificial lawns are recyclable, when you replace them many years later, they don’t end up in a landfill. You save money on your water bill year after year and there are no hazardous chemicals leaching into the environment.

– A Wide Selection of Synthetic Lawn Products

SYNLawn Jacksonville is a leader in the industry because we provide the highest quality product in all of our many different varieties. Everything is made here in the USA, and we control the manufacturing from beginning to end. You get the best quality synthetic turf because we don’t settle for being second best. 

And while other companies only have a few varieties to choose from, which gives you a limited look for your lawn, we work hard to provide many different types and style selections to match what you’re looking for in a lawn. 

– Sit back and Watch The Neighbors Do All the Work

Neighbors are friendly, but there’s also a little competition. You compete for who has the best car, the best house, and the best lawn (whether you openly discuss it or not!). For years, you both spent hours on your lawn making it as lush as possible and still suffered from occasional brown patches or uneven growth. It’s time to end this competition once and for all with an unbeatable and amazing looking lawn of artificial grass from SYNLawn Jacksonville.

Enjoy a cold drink on your back porch while you stare at your beautiful lawn and wave to your neighbor as they water their drab lawn and wonder how yours stays looking so lush year round. They’re not only doing a lot of work but also spending a lot of money. With our always green synthetic lawn there is the upfront cost of installing a beautiful synthetic lawn, but once installed, the maintenance is near zero. They pay for water and lawn treatments while you save all that money and more.

The best warranties Available

SYNLawn Jacksonville isn’t just a provider of synthetic grass and landscaping turf – we’re a part of the process from start to finish. We supervise the harvesting of the raw materials and manufacture the turf in our facility before it’s installed at your home or office.

We provide a lifetime warranty on everything we install because we know the quality of our product. 

SYNLawn Jacksonville’s artificial turf will endure years of strong heat and weather without a sign of wear and tear. It can handle pets digging and children running around. It’s the toughest and most attractive turf available. 

We offer such competitive prices and warranties because we trust our product and want to keep our customers happy. We hope you tell your friends and neighbors how much you love your new lawn, and they give us a call. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about artificial turf and landscaping grass, then contact one of our artificial grass professionals today. We have years of experience in selling and installing residential artificial grass, so they can answer any questions you have.

Endless Uses for Artificial Grass in Jacksonville, FL

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what you can do with artificial grass at your residence, but that’s only a small part of its potential. Cities use faux grass for greenery near medians. Buildings have lush green rooftops fitted with the latest in artificial turf. Commercial artificial grass lawns beautify office spaces, restaurants, shopping centers, music venues and more.

People understand that artificial grass is not only easier to take care of but it’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Resorts worldwide use our artificial grass because natural grass can’t handle the heavy foot traffic from hundreds of guests. Golf courses use our artificial turf for their greens, and countless homes have putting greens for practice. When it comes to artificial grass, your imagination is the limit. Contact our experts today and see what we can do to make your ultimate lawn come true!

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Residential Landscaping Products

SYNAugustine 847

SYNAugustine 847
SKU: SA847 | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Pound-for-pound, the thickest, most dense artificial turf style available With a low pile-height, close-knit thatch, and realistic grass blades packed with Super Yarn Technology. An ideal turf option for Pet owners, Commercial Pet facilities, and Golfers.

SYNAugustine X47

SYNAugustine X47
SKU: SAX47 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

A TOP SELLER, this grass variety rises above the competition with the safest and softest turf blades and incredible durability. Featuring Super Yarn technology, the multi-color grass blades and dense thatch combine to make this the #1 contender.

SYNFescue 343

SYNFescue 343
SKU: SF343 | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Offering superior dimensional strength and stability while remaining easy on the eyes and wallet. Incorporating Super Yarn technology, this landscape grass offers extreme flexibility and durability, creating the perfect solution for multiple applications.

SYNTipede 243

SYNTipede 243
SKU: ST243 | Total Weight: 60 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

When performance matters, this turf delivers a low profile pile height and heavy-duty Super Yarn grass blades. This artificial grass provides strength and resiliency not commonly found in competitor turf varieties.