Artificial Grass Bocce Ball Courts in Jacksonville, FL

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our team of synthetic turf experts supply and install turf for several purposes in Jacksonville, FL, such as our family-friendly artificial grass bocce ball courts. These beautiful, green game courts are perfect additions for backyards on residential properties, community areas in apartment complexes, and even entertainment spaces on commercial properties. By having one designed and installed by our professionals, your Jacksonville property gains a highly playable, durable, low-maintenance, and attractive area for a remarkably fun activity.

What is Bocce Ball?

Bocce ball – also known more simply as bocce or bocci – is a ball sport that is believed to have originated from the Roman Empire. It is a game that consists of two players or two teams. Each player or team takes turns placing a smaller ball, called a Jack. From there, both teams try to get their other balls as close to the jack by tossing them. Each ball that is closest to the jack is considered a point, and games are typically played until a player or team reaches 7 to 13 total points.

While bocce ball can be incredibly competitive, it is also a game that can serve as a fun way to simply pass the time with your friends and loved ones. That is why we at SYNLawn Jacksonville recommend adding an artificial grass bocce ball court to nearly any property in Jacksonville and other Florida communities.

bocce court at RV park

Bocce Ball Court Design & Installation From SYNLawn Jacksonville

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our team offers top-quality artificial grass engineered specifically for bocce ball. We also offer unmatched expertise in designing and installing bocce ball courts in Jacksonville. As such, our team understands what it takes to help fit and stylize a bocce ball court design to fit on residential, commercial, and other types of properties. But no matter what our experience tells us, we always work with our clients to ensure our installations fit their unique needs and vision. In doing so, we offer exceptional artificial grass installations, including our bocce courts.

Benefits of an Artificial Grass Bocce Ball Court

Having our professionals install an artificial grass bocce ball court on your Jacksonville property can provide you and your bocce players with multiple benefits, including:


Throughout history, bocce courts have utilized different types of surfaces. Yet, none possess the ideal playability that our artificial bocce grass does. This unique turf is specially suited to the game and provides an exceptional surface that bocce players love.


At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial grass surfacing products are remarkably durable, including our turf for lawns, landscapes, and bocce courts. In doing so, it can resist several forms of wear and tear, especially from the game of bocce. This makes it a long-lasting surface for your bocce court.

commercial artificial grass bocce court
Commercial bocce court recreation area with artificial grass

Lack of Maintenance

Bocce courts that utilize a sand surface can require plenty of time-consuming maintenance. From evening out the surface to replenishing the sand, it can take up more time than a bocce court owner wants to invest. Fortunately, with our artificial grass bocce ball courts, there is little maintenance required. All a bocce court owner needs to do is occasionally clean their court.


With an artificial grass bocce court, your property gains a beautifully green feature. So whether you have it installed indoors or outdoors, our bocce ball courts can add a stunning element to your space!

Applications for Bocce Ball Courts in Jacksonville, FL & More

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial bocce ball courts can be installed on residential, commercial, and municipal properties in Jacksonville and other Northeast Florida communities. Examples include:

  • Backyards
  • Basements
  • Apartments
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Parks

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Artificial grass bocce ball courts from SYNLawn Jacksonville are an excellent addition to nearly any property in Jacksonville, FL. They provide a fun activity for people of all ages. They also require little maintenance, look great, and last for years. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our fabulous bocce courts!