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When Jacksonville, Florida residents want artificial pet turf for their furry family members, they call SYNLawn Jacksonville. We love our pets as family, and we want them to have the very best of everything. That’s why pet owners in Jacksonville, FL and North Florida choose pet-friendly artificial turf from SYNLawn Jacksonville. 

It doesn’t matter if you need a pet-safe lawn, dog run, or other pet necessity; we help you design it from start to finish. It’s perfect for your animal companions and easy on your pocketbook. We don’t provide cookie-cutter artificial grass designs. From playgrounds, artificial grass lawns, backyard putting greens and more, we offer custom solutions that meet your exact needs. 

We’ve provided high-quality artificial pet turf to North Florida residents for years. SYNLawn has developed a reputation not only for creating lush, beautiful pet turf but also for our prompt, professional installation. People want SYNLawn pet turf because it’s easy to maintain and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Sometimes pet parents worry about their animal’s safety on natural grass. The hot Florida sun is brutal, and natural grass heats up, causing burns on your precious pet’s paws. They get infested with fleas and other bugs that live in your natural grass. They track in mud after a light rain. There is a slew of problems with natural grass, but synthetic pet turf provides solutions. 

image of attractive woman petting dog on synlawn artificial grass

The advanced artificial turf technology stays cool during the hottest days, so you never worry about burnt paws. The artificial grass isn’t a place bugs can live, so your pets avoid infestations. Our artificial pet grass drains and dries quickly, so your furry friend won’t track in mud. Our turf for pets is one of the many reasons people choose SYNLawn Jacksonville for their artificial grass needs.

SYNLawn Turf For Pets Is Your Best Choice

Long-Lasting Pet Turf

Some dogs are notorious for digging holes in yards and under fences. Many pet owners have faced the tragedy of losing their dog or cat because they dug under a fence and ran away. With artificial grass you can save yourself the stress and anguish of making fliers and combing the neighborhood for lost poochie. Synthetic dog grass is a great deterrent because even once reunited, there is a chance the pup will attempt another breakout with traditional digable sod. This is less likely with artificial pet turf. No matter how hard they try, even the strongest dogs can’t burrow through our tough and durable pet grass. Your pets stay safe inside the fenced area and can’t escape by digging. And no matter how active your canine companion is, our pet grass can handle it.

Conserves Water

The warm Florida weather is tough on natural grass. It dries up water fast, and if there’s no rain, it leads to brown and dead spots. Water conservation is a hot topic as states restrict water consumption due to droughts. Water is a priceless resource, so using it on your natural grass lawn is a waste. Switch to artificial grass and never need to water your lawn again.

Looks Great No Matter the Weather

When the Florida sun cooks your lawn, it often dies, turning brown and ugly. If there’s no rain, it gets worse. You’re forced to water it constantly and add chemicals and fertilizer to keep it looking good. With artificial pet grass, there are no worries about how it looks. It looks lush and green on the hottest and coldest days of the year. Your animals can run across it day and night without impacting how it looks.

Non-Toxic To Keep Pets Safe

We control the manufacturing process of our artificial turf from start to finish, so you know you are getting the best possible product. We also want to be good stewards of the environment, so we use eco-friendly materials in our artificial grass products, including the EnviroLoc system. The turf is anti-bacterial to keep your furry loved ones safer in every way possible.

Drone shot of an artificial grass dog park

Environmentally Friendly Pet Grass

Natural grass lawns require regular mowing, and that means gas-powered lawn mowers and trimmers polluting the air. It needs pesticides and herbicides to stay green, which leach into the soil and are bad for the environment. With artificial pet turf, none of this is a worry. It requires no mowing, trimming, or chemicals. Ditch the pollutants and keep your pets and the environment safer by using artificial pet grass.

Zero Maintenance

It takes many hours per month to maintain your traditional sod lawn. Traditional grass needs mowing, weeding, and trimming. Your water bill goes through the roof because of how much water your lawn soaks up. If you don’t maintain it yourself, you pay a lawn maintenance company to do it for you. That’s a lot of time and money for a lawn that may still have brown spots. Artificial pet grass requires none of the maintenance. There are no holes from pets digging to fill with sod or brown spots caused by them going to the bathroom. You get to enjoy all the benefits of natural grass without all the hassle.

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Our Pet Products

Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

SYNAugustine 347

SYNAugustine 347
SKU: SA347 | Total Weight: 75 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Our softest, most realistic, most comfortable variety of grass with beautiful multi-colored grass blades incorporating Super Yarn Technology. This grass takes the lead in comfort, strength, and realistic natural turf aesthetics.

SYNBlue 545

SYNBlue 545
SKU: BL545 | Total Weight: 55 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

This gorgeous artificial grass variety seamlessly blends the lifelike appearance of soft, multi-colored grass blades with a natural colors in its thatch. This innovative combination ensures a level of unparalleled realism and dependability making it the ideal choice for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces, for residential lawns and commercial landscapes.

SYNFescue 60

SYNFescue 60
SKU: FES60 | Total Weight: 60 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Experience the perfect blend of realism and elegance with one of our top-selling turf styles, ideal for both lawns and landscaping projects. Enjoy the beauty and sophistication it brings to any outdoor space.

SYNTipede 321

SYNTipede 321
SKU: ST321 | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Just like its natural counterpart, SYNTipede is known for being tough. The tallest in the collection including Super Yarn technology creating a durable surface perfect for active children and pets and peace of mind for all types of landscaping projects.

PET Premium

PET Premium
SKU: ST343_PETS | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

With DOUBLE the drainage, this easy-to-clean grass keeps pets safe and happy. Ideal for pet play and agility, including animals of all sizes, this is the perfect pet grass for both residential and commercial applications.

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