Expand Your Jacksonville, FL Outdoor Entertaining Area with an Artificial Grass Lawn

One of the most fantastic perks of living in the Jacksonville, Florida area is the incredible weather. Living in such a gorgeous climate comes with many outdoor entertainment activity options.

Investing in your outdoor entertaining area will maximize your enjoyment of our beautiful weather, your home, and your friends and family. One of the best ways to expand and beautify your outdoor entertainment space is to add an artificial grass lawn with SYNLawn Jacksonville.

For decades, we’ve been a recognized leader in manufacturing and installing synthetic grass for residential and commercial applications. Additionally, we also provide synthetic turf solutions for pet play areas and kids’ playgrounds.

When they arrive at your home, guests will marvel over your lush lawn. They’ll bend down to feel the gorgeous turf and hardly believe that it isn’t live grass. As a result, your lawn will quickly become a fascinating talking point for your party guests.

Why Consider an Artificial Grass Lawn

There are many reasons to expand your space with synthetic grass. Firstly, you can enjoy a lush, green lawn without having to water it. Secondly, it always looks perfectly manicured. SYNLawn Jacksonville artificial grass is multi-purpose and custom-made by experts in the turf industry.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass lawns are low maintenance, which means more money in your pocket, and less money going to the water company. We know that drought in the Jacksonville area has caused rising costs for lawn care, but you can bypass the hassle of caring for a live lawn completely. It’s a perfect solution.

There are so many things to do when you are planning a dinner party. For an outdoor party, the lawn could take up an outsized portion of your list of preparations to make, especially if you have been doing your lawn care. You want to free up time to think about your menu, party favors, guest list, and seating. With a synthetic lawn, the space is already prepared.

You won’t be out there doing the last-minute trimming and trying to remember to turn off the sprinklers before the dinner guests arrive. Instead, you can simply invite your company to your outdoor space and enjoy.


Consuming less water during times of drought is always eco-friendly. You won’t be spending time and money getting the grass to grow.

A more subtle way your synthetic lawn is environmentally sound is that you won’t be mowing and weed whacking, so no gas-powered equipment is required to maintain your space. This reduces the total carbon emissions from your household.

SYNLawn Jacksonville synthetic turf is made using renewable resources and organic infill. Your expanded outdoor space will be a place where you can enjoy your family and friends and help the planet simultaneously.

Always Gorgeous

The climate in Jacksonville, Florida is lovely and often perfect for outdoor entertaining. This is one of the main reasons you will want to add an artificial lawn to your outdoor space.

With synthetic grass, you always have a vibrant green lawn no matter what the thermometer is reading. So you can have a backyard party knowing that your space is going to look lovely for your guests year-round.

And for the golf lovers, the team at SYNLawn Jacksonville are the top tier putting green installation pros in the Jacksonville Florida area. Our install technicians are not just your everyday laborers, they are highly trained and have a deep understanding of how to create a putting green that rolls and plays like your favorite golf course hole.


Your new lawn will be a fantastic place for guests to gather and chat while they enjoy a cocktail. It will also be an excellent place for the kids to play while the moms and dads relax on the patio. If you have pets, you may consider the pet-friendly options as well.

There will be no dirt and mud to track back into your home. Synthetic turf also does not attract fleas and other biting insects. Your new lawn will give you more entertaining space and benefit the whole family.

image of artificial grass with large square pavers in backyard

Easy Process

SYNLawn makes the process of expanding your outdoor entertaining space with our synthetic lawns easy for you.

It is free to get a quote. Tell us about your project, and our highly experienced team will get you well on your way to having the outdoor entertaining space you have been dreaming about.

Contact us for a free consultation today!