Make Play Areas Safer & Cleaner with Artificial Playground Turf from SYNLawn Jacksonville

For playgrounds in Jacksonville, FL, the team from SYNLawn Jacksonville provides safer, cleaner artificial playground turf. This service is necessary here in Jacksonville because it is a known fact that many kids love to play outside. The freedom that comes with running as fast as they can around the playground, playing tag with their friends, sliding down slides, and climbing across monkey bars is unmatched to other times of their lives. So, it is natural for parents, schools, businesses, and municipal parks to want to give them safer and cleaner surfaces to aid in making childhood memories!

Fortunately, at SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial playground turf is an excellent landscaping option to achieve greater safety and cleanliness for nearly any playground area. So, if you are building a children’s play area or looking to improve an existing play area on your property, consider using our artificial playground grass instead of common alternatives like wood chips, grass, or sand.

Check out more information below on the benefits of using our synthetic grass for playgrounds:

How Artificial Playground Turf is Safer for Children

Synthetic playground turf from us at SYNLawn Jacksonville is an excellent option for outdoor and even indoor play areas because it is more even than other surfaces often used in play areas, such as wood chips, sand, or conventional grass. This is because the consistency of our artificial grass is second to none. Due to its makeup and our installation practices, it is unlikely there will be holes or divots that occur in our artificial playground turf. This makes it less likely that children will trip or step in holes, so you can worry less about an accidental misstep leading to a potential injury!

Our artificial playground turf is also softer than other playground surfacing options, which can help provide cushioning for surface-related impacts much more than other choices. This helps keep children and adults on playgrounds safer from surface-related injuries should impacts with our playground turf occur.

SYNLawn Jacksonville FL play turf artificial grass for school playgrounds

How Artificial Playground Turf is Cleaner Than Other Options

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial playground turf is cleaner than other playground surface options as well because it is quick-draining and easy to clean. You can clean our artificial grass with gentle soaps and other cleaners that would typically kill conventional grass. Afterward, you can simply rinse off our artificial playground grass with water from a hose. And thanks to its quick-draining system, the liquid will drain away speedily and without issue.

Our artificial grass for playgrounds is also more hygienic than sand or wood chips since our turf does not produce allergens and is unlikely to hold onto dust and other particles that can cause illnesses. Also, pests like insects and rodents do not like synthetic turf, so they are unlikely to take up residence in our playground turf. This helps keep it cleaner for children to enjoy!

How Synthetic Playground Turf is Worth it in the Long Run

The initial drawback for many people is wondering if it is worth it to buy synthetic playground grass, especially if you already have a playground that is surfaced with traditional grass, sand, or wood chips. Fortunately, making the switch to artificial playground turf is absolutely worth it in terms of safety and cleanliness but also in cost-effectiveness over time.

In the long run, our synthetic playground grass helps you save money on landscaping needs. It never needs to be trimmed, watered, or treated with any chemicals. Our playground turf is also worth buying for your backyard or playground area because common playground materials like sand and wood chips need to be replaced quite often to keep their freshness and cleanliness at an appropriate level. Meanwhile, our playground grass does not; instead, it retains its look and fullness for years.

Residential playground installed by SYNLawn

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At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial playground turf is one of the best options when it comes to safer and cleaner surfacing for children and play areas in Jacksonville, Florida. This makes it far better than other landscaping options like sand, wood chips, or traditional grass. Our synthetic playground grass is also cost-effective in the long run due to its low maintenance and long lifespan. So contact us at SYNLawn Jacksonville today to learn more and get a quote for your home, business, park, or school!