Commercial Artificial Turf Rejuvenates Your Office Spaces

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, we offer impressive, ultra-realistic commercial artificial turf that can help rejuvenate office spaces in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas. You may be surprised by all the different commercial applications where artificial grass can be an excellent fit. SYNLawn has developed a product that not only looks like natural grass but withstands the elements!

Adding greenery to your commercial facility, storefront, or common area can help boost productivity and improve focus and efficiency. As a result, you may think a trip to the local nursery is in order, but that entails living plants that take up a lot of space, money, maintenance, and water. Fortunately, a great alternative to expensive plants is artificial grass. From up close or far away, high-quality synthetic turf is almost indistinguishable from natural grass and helps transform office spaces.

Benefits of Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Jacksonville provides our customers with several benefits. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is incredibly durable and low maintenance. Installing our artificial grass can help alleviate the maintenance costs typically associated with natural grass, such as watering, mowing, trimming, and more. In addition, our artificial grass is resistant to normal wear and tear and high foot traffic, which helps ensure that our synthetic turf has a long life while remaining full and green.

Synthetic Turf Ideas for Your Office & Commercial Spaces

There are many ways to incorporate commercial artificial grass into your office environment, including:

Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Want to add something special for the golf enthusiasts in your office? Why not add a small artificial grass putting green to the break room? A synthetic putting green can provide employees with a more enjoyable space to unwind or brainstorm.

Pet Turf

If your workplace is dog-friendly, SYNLawn Jacksonville has artificial grass designed for pets. Pet turf is easier to clean and maintain than natural grass. Plus, your pups will love how the shock-absorbing and heat-resistant synthetic turf feels on their paws!


Artificial grass is an excellent, low-maintenance landscaping solution. A lawn of our SYNMeadow or SYNAugustine artificial grass can turn a cold concrete slab into a calm and inviting space. It can also help boost your commercial business’ curb appeal!

Rooftops & Patios

If you have roof access or patios, SYNLawn Jacksonville offers synthetic grass options especially designed for rooftops and patios. Our artificial turf can help create a beautiful spot for relaxation, outside meetings, or refreshing breaks, even in once unusable spaces like roofs and patios.

Sports Turf

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, our artificial turf can serve various applications, including sports. We offer top-notch sports turf for companies with gyms or other sports areas at the workplace. The engineering that goes into our fitness and agility turf helps to reduce the potential for injuries. In addition, our HeatBlock system keeps our artificial sports turf cooler, even in warm and sunny Jacksonville, Florida!

Commercial application of a commercial living wall

Artificial Living Walls

If you want an absolute show-stopper for your office space, check out our artificial living walls! Unfortunately, a wall of living plants is expensive and often comes with a complicated installation. Plus, maintenance and upkeep are costly and constant. Instead, SYNLawn Jacksonville proudly offers lush artificial living walls to help transform various residential and commercial spaces. Our panels are customizable, giving you the choice of a wide variety of ultra-realistic plants and foliage. Installation is quick and seamless, and artificial living walls are incredibly low-maintenance.

Get a Quote For Your Commercial Artificial Grass Project

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, we offer a variety of commercial artificial grass and synthetic turf products that can be ideal for helping you transform and rejuvenate your office space in Jacksonville, FL. Our artificial grass is high-quality, attractive, durable, low-maintenance, and much cheaper than keeping up with natural grass. Let us help you bring your vision for a greener office space to life. Contact us today for more information on commercial artificial turf or a free quote!