Create More Free Time by Installing an Artificial Grass Lawn in Jacksonville, FL

An artificial grass lawn from the team at SYNLawn Jacksonville can help you create more free time in Jacksonville, FL. Lawn maintenance is one of those things we often do not think about as time-consuming, but maintaining a beautiful grass lawn is labor-intensive and costly. Thankfully, switching from conventional grass to our synthetic grass can help you create more free time and save on costs.

What Is Artificial Grass?

At SYNLawn Jacksonville, we offer several types of specialized, American-made artificial grass. Our many synthetic turf and grass products are made up of artificial materials designed to look and feel like traditional grass surfaces. Our artificial grass products come in various shades of green and blade heights.

Our team offers several different products that are ideal for both residential and commercial lawns, including specialized options. So if your home or business needs grass specifically designed for children, pets, or something else, we have a number of options available for purchase and installation. Find out more by contacting us today!

Commercial Artificial Grass Installations

Why Own an Artificial Grass Lawn?

For home and business owners in Jacksonville, Florida, there are numerous reasons to get an artificial grass lawn from us at SYNLawn Jacksonville, including the following:

Create More Free Time

Maintaining, watering, or simply working on your lawn is something that typically appears on your to-do list during your off days. While gardening or working on a traditional lawn is often considered a peaceful activity, it can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. This is because caring for a residential or commercial lawn can consist of several different tasks and responsibilities throughout the year. This includes watering, mowing, trimming the edges, fertilizing, removing weeds, seeding, and so much more. And just one of these activities can potentially take up hours of your free time!

Switching to an artificial grass lawn eliminates the need for frequent maintenance, freeing up your time and also freeing you from the physical and even mental strain of upkeep. As such, you will finally have enough free time to read, work out, or do whatever else you want – since lawn maintenance is finally off your to-do list.

No Allergies

Adding a synthetic grass lawn to your property in Jacksonville can also help cut down on grass allergens. For many, traditional grass can trigger adverse reactions. Fortunately, our artificial grass lawns do not produce grass allergens, lessening the risk of triggering an allergic reaction. This makes our artificial lawns a healthier alternative for many!

Consistent Appearance and Environmentally Friendly

One aspect home and business owners especially appreciate about our artificial turf is the consistent appearance it has all year long – despite changing weather conditions. So, no matter if it is colder, rainy, or even humid and hot, our synthetic lawns will retain their ideal lush and green appearance. This helps ensure your Jacksonville home or business always looks its best!

Artificial grass backyard installed by SYNLawn

Installing an Artificial Grass Lawn

Installing an artificial grass lawn can be a great do-it-yourself project. But, in most cases, it is best to leave it to the pros at SYNLawn Jacksonville. Our team will professionally install your artificial grass lawn, helping to guarantee its overall quality and longevity.

Our installations consist of:

  1. Preparing the ground or the area for the turf
  2. Creating a base layer by laying down some gravel, crushed rock, or specialty infill
  3. Laying the synthetic grass
  4. Making sure the edges are secure by using adhesive or staples

While this may seem simple, it can be incredibly challenging, depending on the existing terrain. Fortunately, our experts are equipped to handle nearly any installation situation in Jacksonville, FL!

Install an Artificial Grass Lawn Today and Reclaim Your Free Time!

An artificial grass lawn from SYNLawn Jacksonville can help meet all your grass needs while eliminating labor-intensive maintenance, saving you time and money in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact our team today for more information and get a free quote for your home or business!